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Dean Maywood Dean Maywood
Album: Dean Maywood
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 5

Dean Maywood has a distinct voice, part classic 70s singer songwriter, part soulful Richard Ashcroft soulful whine. The Irish singer draws heavily on his influences with elements of Lyle Lovett’s or Grant Lee Phillips’ Southern vocals blending with his soulful voice. The atmosphere builds steadily through the EP with Patsy Gallagher’s second voice and pedal steel ably supporting on some of the tracks. Darren Doherty’s ballsy guitar and Siobhan McShane’s vocals feature too. ‘Jane’ is wonderful Americana, all strummed guitar, prairie wide steel and Dean’s compelling voice. ‘Knowing and Lying’ has the resonant guitar and vocal of Springsteen’s Nebraska with the same lyrics of escape and failure. Love too the, Hammond like keyboard and Dean’s soulful vocal on the middle section. Both lyrically tell such rich stories. ‘Louisiana’ smoulders and burns, with Dean’s voice and a simmering guitar quietly starting a fire. ‘The Silver Dollar’ is classic country, but with Maywood’s fine vocal and a dirty rock n roll guitar sending it spinning round the dance floor. ‘Lay You Down’ is all soulful vocals, the louche lazy confident swagger of Southern Rock Grant Lee Buffalo meets The Verve, and heavenly music. The paired vocals on the chorus are just sublime with ethereal angel meeting twang. This is music to stare into a glass of whisky to and with just five tracks its over too quickly.

Stripped back to its essential Americana bones, with resonant guitar, soulful vocals, Springsteen’s harmonica and the whippoorwill pedal steel, Irish singer Dean Maywood’s music sits confidently in the middle of a well travelled genre while managing to be captivating and fresh.

Marc Higgins