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Davie FureyDavie Furey
Album: Easy Come, Easy Go
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11

Sometimes when you listen to an album it doesn't quite click, then one song unravels it's mystery and it finally makes sense. I've always believed that if you get your track listing right then it's half the battle as we tend to pick the title track as the nucleus of a CD.

Davie Furey's new album 'Come Easy Go Easy' in my point of view should have been called 'Freewheeling' as this track is the glue that pulls it all together. From the rock Springsteen roar of 'The Sky's Alive' to the Celtic refrain of 'Tara' in the middle sits the song 'Freewheeling' a wonderful connecting groove that explains where Davie Furey wants to be.

Davie from Co.Meath has put together an impressive mix of sounds from rock, blues to traditional airs yet nothing sounds out of place and represents perfectly the range of styles that influences the Irish songwriter.

The album is well arranged and flawlessly produced by both Davie and Martin Quinn, the latter adding his creative multi instrumentalist cap to the proceedings.

I find it hard to pick any holes in this CD as each track leaves just the right amount of space for the listener to breathe and enjoy from start to end.

Apart from 'Freewheeling' I particularly enjoyed the aforementioned 'Tara', with the Uileann pipes stamping an Irish heart on this enjoyable song and "Good To Be Back Home', a melody that wouldn't sound out of place in Mike Scott's repertoire.

Lyrically Davie excels in 'Presidents and Ghosts' and we can see a far reaching thought provoking CD somewhere on the horizon. In the meantime let your hand brake off and freewheel through the traditional rhythms and rock guitar power chords and enjoy the refreshing honest sounds of Davie Furey.

David Dee Moore

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