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David Green David Green
Album: Unsteady On Our Feet
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

Unsteady On Our Feet is the crowdfunded debut album from Bristol based singer/author David Green, and features a raft of top performers from the South West. Inspired by the likes of Jimmy Webb, Tom Waits, and the Bee Gees (yes, seriously), and produced by Gaz Williams, the album blends old fashioned values with new-fangled high tech techniques. It explores "hypertrophic romantic idealism", detailing the turbulent falls into and out of love in wild adventures around the world.

The album is unashamedly upbeat, with a pop vibe hiding in plain sight amongst the folk tunes. On My Mind kicks off the album in great style, with a reasonably fast pace that will leave you nodding along in appreciation. Likewise Circles is a great track with just a little bit of a rock feel to it, and a great vocal performance by Green. The title track is a real highlight halfway through the album, with an almost wistful quality to it, heavy on the instrumentals and understated vocals. Standing out from the pack though are Above Water and She, Me n My Mirror, both of which are reminiscent of Elbow which is praise indeed.

All in all this is quite the debut from someone mostly self-taught. As well as the album, Green will also see the completion and publication of his novel "The Musician", described by Strata Books as having "the potential to become the touchstone of reflective writing for musicians everywhere". Unsteady On Our Feet is well worth a look.

Adam Jenkins