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Davey Anscombe Davey Anscombe
Album: Summer Rain
Label: Changing Tunes
Tracks: 10

Summer Rain was recorded under the Changing Tunes banner. Davey Ainscombe has worked with Changing Tunes and written a series of songs which looks at the reasons why people offend and also looks at their memories and hopes and dreams for the future.

Changing Tunes is a charity which works with prisoners to help them develop musical skills and to use these to help them change their lives. Although started in 1987, in Bristol, it took 10 years to be formalised, the charity now works in over 13 prisons across the South and Midlands.

This album which is Davey's debut studio album is a review of childhood, love and loss. Seven Bridges has a nice country feel, The Dawn is darker and moody, with the title track Summer Rain Davey is back to a softer country rock feel. Whilst Insomnia is a much rockier. I especially liked Oh Ally, which tells of the fallout of a partner's death and drinking to both remember and forget.

These are all very accessible songs which will seem very familiar from first play, this is no bad thing as it allows you to really listen to and understand the lyrics from the outset.

David Hiney