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Darren Black Darren Black
Album: Wisperau
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 8

Darren Black is a singer-songwriting multi-instrumentalist from Hampshire, one of those enigmatic musicians that you can't work out why they aren't bigger than they are. Then you remember that music is also craft and like other crafts, it is rarely the bespoke producers that rise to be household names. Using furniture as an analogy, you've heard of Ikea and Furniture World, their stuff is ok, meets the need, but you've heard of it. Then there's the hand crafted bespoke stuff, absolutely beautiful but you never get to see it, because you/they are living in the wrong place.

I'm certainly not saying the Hampshire countryside that Darren Black resides in is the wrong place, it's inspired a stunning beautiful album of both songs and tunes, one of each for each of the seasons and all great examples of the songwriting craft.

"Wisperau" is an album that captures the ever changing year, captures the spirit of the season and turns it into an aural delight that cries out to be listened to, one that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It's far away from the grind of the city streets and you find yourself being drawn to the pastoral quality, particular when the dedicate fiddle kicks in.

It's an album that you go to, rather than one that comes to you and unfortunately that makes it a difficult album to get to if you've lived your life in the city and struggle to feel the context, it also makes "Wisperau" a difficult album to give airplay to, there are different feelings and sights to take in, but that's not to say you shouldn't try, it is a genuinely evocative album.

Get this album, let it take you away and if you don't get it straight away, take a bus to the country, walk around your local park and then try again because then you'll really appreciate a craftsman at work.

Neil King