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Daniel KemishDaniel Kemish
Album: Fools And Money
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11

Southampton born Daniel Kemish was another new name to me so I was keen to see what h had to offer, especially as he lives in the Algarve, where he grew up, a place I have visited and loved and not your typical origin for country music!

He, however, feels it was natural he would grow up loving this kind of music, as he was surrounded by the sounds of such greats as Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.

After several years of bar performances and the release of two EPs, Kemish decided to release his debut CD. Recorded in Nashville, an attempt was made at creating a raw, made in one day sound, which certainly paid off. His early influences are evident as his CD combines sounds of Country, Folk and Americana in such a way that you could be fooled into thinking you are listening to an American performer, even moreso as many of the songs speak of life on the road, a typical American theme.

The songs are enhanced further by the sensitive but effective inclusion of a range of instruments; pedal steel, folk harmonica, acoustic, steel and bass guitars and drums, draw you even further into his beautifully constructed stories.

If I had to select stand out tracks, I would perhaps opt for Life On The Run, Lawless and No Protection From The Law as they take a slightly unusual twist, with a subtle commonality.

Lyrically and vocally, he could be performing this material back in the days of his early influences, yet he has achieved a modern edge to his musical tales.

Certainly a debut CD which demands attention, I look forward to seeing where Daniel Kemish goes from here.

Helen Mitchell