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Daniel & Emma Reid Daniel & Emma Reid
Album: Life Continuum
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 9

When you want to close your eyes, when you want to savour every single note, when the music defines your emotions. When you dare not make a sound, you listen as saxophones and strings pluck feelings out of thin air. You feel the music.

A playful interchange of instruments, you imagine children happy, you feel the joy of life, the first flirting of lovers. Then the mood changes, a heavyweight crushing feeling, despair, your heart physically slows, you feel like crying.

This is Life Continuum, the third release from Swedish based pair of Daniel and Emma Reid. It's truly exceptional.

The mix of soprano and baritone saxophones together with piano, played by Daniel and the fiddles and viola of Emma are so delightful and unforced they meld together, they seem the most natural partners in the world.

And whilst the playing is undoubtedly impeccable you sense that the tune is king, there's a great feeling of humility in the predominantly self penned tracks.

Highlights for me include "Hav av bl├ątt" which translates as Ocean Of Blue, written by Daniel, it's over seven minutes of beautiful piano induced sadness. Couple this with "Ensamheten" which reflects those times when even surrounded by loved ones you can feel utterly alone, this is music that examines true depths of emotion.

It's not all doom and gloom though as between those tracks there's Dances and Lullabies galore to lift you and provide balance.

Life Continuum is an album of emotional peaks and troughs. It's music that grabs you Pied Piper like you don't want it to stop ever. Having heard it you can't imagine being without it.

It's exhilarating sadness as the Saw Doctors might say.

Ian Cripps