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Dan Korn & Joe Sharp Dan Korn & Joe Sharp
Album: Polaris
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

"Polaris" was recorded live by Dan Korn and Joe Sharp, two musicians and friends. Their friendship translates into tight music, all close vocal harmonies and intuitive interplay. The pair have worked together on two of Dan Korn's Eps and "Of The Sea", his debut LP. "Polaris" is their first release as a duo. This an album of space, strummed guitars, harmonising vocals and the resonant notes of Sharp's Double Bass. Songs like 'Running From Ghosts' and 'Super Moon' build slowly, beginning almost as poems with minimal percussive guitar.

Dan has a fine singing voice, but also a very English take on a kind of poetic talking blues, starkly beautiful with space around it. The songs on "Polaris" are lyrically personal and well as musically intimate and stripped back. 'Women In Love' is a wonderfully left field song, a flood of ideas triggered by being given, but failing to read the novel by DH Lawrence. 'For Love' with Dan's, almost falsetto vocal, has a touch of Simon And Garfunkel's 'I Am A Rock' to it. The intimate arrangements and production gives the whole album a touch of all those Bleeker Street, Greenwich Village acoustic troubadours, albeit with Contemporary references and some modern sparkle.

The night time, late night references and the delivery make this a gentle album of crooned left field lullaby, let tracks like 'Night time luminesence' slow and soothe you. 'Promise' with the sense of 'May You Never' is a lullaby delivered to a slumbering loved one. '"Polaris"' has a longing sense as the watcher in the song sees someone slipping away. Dan's delivery manages to slip a little bite into his crooned but sharp piece of people watching. A soothing and rewarding listen.

Marc Higgins