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Daimh Daimh
Album: The Rough Bounds
Label: Unstated
Tracks: 11

Celtic music has always been close to my heart and one of my absolute favourite genres of music. I came to listen to this CD with two thoughts. The first was that Dáimh are a well established and experienced band who certainly know what they are doing when it comes to traditional music. My second thought was does this mean they won't be able to surprise me anymore? After all experience in music also means eventually ideas will start to run out?

It's safe to say that the answer to the second thought is yes. Dáimh certainly have not disappointed with their latest collection. Their experience and talent of each and every musician flows through the entire album.

What I like the most about the album is how varied yet balanced the choices of tracks are. You get excellent foot stomping instrumental tunes like '12th of June' and 'Donald Macleod Reels' but also very delicate and sweet vocals in 'Tha Fadachd orm Fhin' and 'Oran Bhagh a Chaise' provided by Ellen MacDonald.

It is very rare for me to use this phrase, I have been saving it for a time in which it is really warranted and I believe that time to be now. Ellen MacDonald has the voice of an angel.

The Gaelic songs on this album alone are so beautifully performed both vocally and musically that they simply capture the very heart and soul of Gaelic music. In particular I found 'Turas Dhomhsa Chun na Galldachd' to be so emotional and captivating. That says quite a lot about the talent of the band that they can provoke that sort of reaction from someone who doesn't even understand a single word of Gaelic.

My favourite track on the album has got to be 'Mary's Fancy'. I am an absolute sucker for talent with bagpipes and this track just hits the nail on the head perfectly. I particularly like the way the track builds up and up, adding in a backing guitar which complements the music perfectly.

Dáimh are certainly not a one trick pony and prove that a good instrumental track doesn't have to be fast paced and blood racing to grab your attention. 'Happy Fish' is much more delicate but is performed with such unison by the musicians that it is enough to make your hairs stand on end.

Gaelic music has never been more enjoyable than on this album.

Paul Rawcliffe