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Curse Of Lono Curse Of Lono
Album: Curse Of Lono
Label: Submarine Cat
Tracks: 4

Taking their name from Hunter S. Thompson's book about his experiences in Hawaii in 1980, The London-based five-piece rose from the ashes of Hey Negrita, formed around their former singer Felix Bechtolsheimer alongside drummer Neil Findlay with new blood in the form of guitarist Joe Hazell, bassist Charis Anderson and Dani Ruiz Hernandez on keys. Musically, their five-track debut EP remains within the Americana/country blues corral, but takes on a more cinematic feel that injects a touch of gothic indie. Each tied to a one in a series of inter-connected short film videos, the four songs get under way with "Five Miles", a shuffling dose of cosmic country streaked by meteor storms of brooding bass and keys that eventually sees slide guitar join the rhythmic surge.

The lyrics delivered in a semi-spoken husky growl against an itchy percussive rhythm, "London Rain" readily conjures thoughts of Alabama 3, but then the sexual jealousy fuelled "He Takes My Place" is back to a folksy country ballad campfire strum (albeit with a keyboard drone backdrop) that even has a hint of Johnny Cash, ending on more sexual imagery with resonator guitar led talking blues"Saturday Night". A full album is promised for early next year and I, for one, an looking forward to it with keen anticipation.

Mike Davies