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The CorrsThe Corrs
Album: White Light
Label: Atlantic
Tracks: 12

This is my last review of 2015/first of 2016 so it seems rather appropriate to review an offering from a band that have just made a comeback after a gap of nine years.

The period of the late 1990's through to 2006 saw this Irish band enjoy major international success, multimillion selling albums and in the case of Andrea, the title of the "World's Most Beautiful Woman." However, in 2006 the band decided to take a break to pursue solo careers, bring up families and generally enjoy the fortunes derived from their success. Nobody was sure if they would ever come back again but family ties are strong and in 2015 they decided to give it another go. Whether this is for professional or financial reasons we will never know but I, for one, am glad they are back.

So has the music changed in the intervening years? I would have to say no. It is still the same Irish influenced folk/pop music that made so many people sit up and listen previously and will do so again. The band always had that distinctive sound with the use of the traditional Irish instruments and sound. Family bands do not always work but this one does and the closeness of the members is apparent when you see them interviewed. Both parents were musicians too and obviously were a major influence on their children's' careers.

Despite a musical career spanning such a long period of time, this is surprisingly only the sixth album the band has released and it is to be followed by a tour in 2016.

This latest offering contains the usual mix of upbeat "pop" songs, Irish folk music, superb musicianship and fabulous vocals. The stand out track for me is "Ellis Island" famous as the landing place in America for the Irish immigrants. It is a story already told many times but well worth telling again and in this case, brilliantly recited.

Take a listen to "Catch Me When I Fall" and you will understand, if you do not already, what all the previous fuss was about.

This is an exceptionally talented band, commercially aware but never losing sight of its roots. Music of the highest quality delivered with real class and aplomb.

Rory Stanbridge