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Connor Wells Connor Wells
Album: Soldiers EP
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 3

One of the great things about running Fatea is running a hub that attracts new talent and provides an opportunity to hear the artists that are starting to make an impact and by way of exchange help those very artists to get heard.

Connor Wells is a very good case in point. Hailing from Hertfordshire, he sent me a copy of his latest EP Soldier and I have to say I was immediately impressed. "Soldiers EP" may only be three tracks long, but it's more than enough for both his songwriting and performing to make an impact.

I daresay that there was a temptation to include more tracks on the release, but I would always recommend doing several tracks well, rather than stretch a budget to do more with less, consequently you can feel the quality right through the recording. Connor has a good sense of melody and uses it to drive the narrative well.

Connor Wells is an artist that we'll hopefully hearing a lot more of and with a good win, he should build up the following that's needed to get a good album together. Well worth checking out and supporting.

Neil King