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Clara SanabrasClara Sanabras
Album: A Hum About Mine Ears
Label: Smudged
Tracks: 9
Website: http://

There are times when I wonder what an artist has to do in order to break through to a wider audience, what it takes to turn the spark of a genuinely creativity into a wildfire that sweeps an enchanted nation, rather than a beacon that shines out to those in the know?

You hope the new album is the one that catapults the artist into the public consciousness rather than add a few knowing initiates into the cult. Clara Sanabras has a string of releases behind and a new one, "A Hum About Mine Ears" just released and it's one that been spending a lot of time on journeys.

Sanabras, is an artist that works on an epic scale. The new album features both sinfonia and choral groups. It's based on Shakespeare's "The Tempest" has guest appearances from Nigel Kennedy and Lisa Knapp and is without a shadow of doubt, dramatically glorious.

Like the package it comes in, "A Hum About Mine Ears" is reach in imagery, a rich patchwork of light and dark, that is both rich and intriguing. It sits at that rare space where folk meets opera meets classical and yet remains clear and bright throughout, no sound of clutter only a collection of nine exquisitely arranged and delivered songs.

This is an album of Royal Albert Hall scale as it fills any space given to it. The interplay between voices and instrumentation are magnificent, both together and separate. I'm not decided if it's a concept album in the truest sense, though it does work best when played in its entirety, but then it is an album that deserves to have time set aside for it in order for the listener to be fully drawn into the experience and whilst a number of the songs do work out of context the narrative benefits from being complete.

Maybe that's a flaw that in this age of instant gratification this is an album that demands time, I would strongly argue the point that it's not a flaw, time given to this album is time given to restoring tired and abused spirit. If it's not hyperbole, "A Hum About Mine Ears" is an album that school trips should be organised to visit, be prepared to be moved.

Neil King

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