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Cinder Well Cinder Well
Album: The Unconscious Echo
Label: No Folk Without Fire
Tracks: 7

American trio Cinder Well release their first album 'The Unconscious Echo' which is gaining rave reviews from both sides of the pond. Now released through UK collective and label 'No Folk Without Fire' on cassette as well as CD and digital formats, it shows this trio like to experiment with formats as well as their music. Self-described as 'haunting folk', the album itself recorded on analogue tape in a former church, adds an ambience which delivers aptly on their description.

Opener 'Through the Tendons' doesn't disappoint. Delicate fiddle, resonator guitar and sweet harmonies shows this trio's nod to traditional American music. Lyrically, the band head to the darker side of senses of longing, feelings of nostalgia which makes for a heady cocktail of very earthy, rootsy, and often gutsy raw unpolished fevour.

The album's eponymous track is a sure-fire stand out track on the album, alongside the following track 'Brittle Bones' which gradually lifts through distorted electric guitar, violin with a final crescendo with drums...this track has a heavy nod to Post-Rock bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Swans showing the trio aren't just your average folk band.

The album itself has only seven tracks but manages to hit over the 35 minute mark and serves as a solid foundation for this trio to capitalise on. I dare say we haven't seen the last of them...

Johnny Campbell