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Chris Fox Chris Fox
Album: Parallel Crossing
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 10

One of the (personal) highlights of the 2017 FATEA curated 'Busk Love Folk' stage at the 'Love Folk' 2017 event at The Atkinson…Chris Fox rounded off a series of showcases, proving that all things come to those who wait.

And so the debut album from Cambridge based singer songwriter released in May 2016 finds its way FATEA-wards. Quietly unassuming, aside from a Genesis/Gabriel-esque 'Foxtrot'-y cover illustration (a fox head/red dress combo ensured a Melody Maker front cover for the Pater Gabrile fronted Genesis in 1972), 'Parallel Crossing' is an album where you have to LISTEN; pay attention as he combines a low key low fi guitar accompaniment to a slowly building delivery. The set of folk roots based material, with nods to country and blues is all his own work, avoiding having a go at some traditional material, that can sometimes provide a safety net yet occasionally prove a stumbling block (although his take on 'Lord Franklin' at Southport was more than encouraging).

Song wise, 'Tinsel Town' has him running from the law, washing dishes and cleaning floors and there's a cool jazzy feel of 'Love Me At All' - subject matter, a speedboat/new car/gold watch etc…..objects of desire being rather more off kilter and offbeat than a long lost love or relationship song. 'Trouble We Got' has him rocking softly on the porch, a maudlin train of thought vibe, with a typical trouble with my woman, relationship gone bad narrative and as the songs start to lap over you like a slowly waxing tide, anyone looking for a change of pace might find one in gentle variation with the more dextrous guitar on 'The Taino Man'. They are moments in a debut which is carefully crafted and provides a series of placidly rolling tunes and deliberations that have Chris Fox finding his feet and planting them firmly on the map.

Mike Ainscoe