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Chastity Brown Chastity Brown
Album: Silhouette of Sirens
Label: Red House
Tracks: 10

A new album from Minnesota-based singer Chastity Brown that is very polished should appeal to anyone who appreciates fine singing and confident song-writing.

The production on these ten tracks is also first rate, supportive but never insistent.

The vocal style also reminded me of a certain Adele - which is no bad thing.

The album kicks off with the punchy Drive Slow, with powerful, up front vocals catching the ear. She has the knack of making her songs sound personal but also open-ended.

The style is mostly laid-back easy-listening, with the confident vocals shining through, as in the funky Whisper.

My Stone builds slowly with delicate piano and guitar and develops beautifully with Chastity's vocals bringing it all together. One of my highlights on this album.

You'll also find harder bluesy influenced tracks such as the stretched-out powerful Lies and more up tempo numbers such as Pouring Rain and Colorado but it is on the slower numbers that Chastity makes her own.

The powerful How Could I Forget with its lovely organ is lovely and the closing track, Lost, with its simple piano accompaniment, is a classy ending.

Make no mistake this an impressive and beautifully made album, and comes highly recommended.

John Knighton