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Charlie Dore Charlie Dore
Album: Dark Matter
Label: C&P Black Ink
Tracks: 10

The first thing to note about Charlie Dore is that she is a survivor. Having issued her first album back in 1978, the current offering "Dark Matter" is her eighth album. To last that long you have to be both talented and determined and Charlie has both qualities in abundance.

As far as talent goes, this lady first came to prominence internationally as a songwriter for others such as Tina Turner, George Harrison, Celine Dion and Paul Carrack all artists who know a good song when they hear it. Charlie is possibly best known in the UK, at least as a performer, for "Pilot Of The Airways" released in 1978 and still heard regularly on the radio today. Not being satisfied with writing and recording songs, Charlie also still performs live gigs, has been an actress on both TV and the cinema and, to round it all off, a part time comedienne. It is fair to say that she is a bit of a one off.

Arguably best described as a modern folk singer, Charlie is so much more. She never ceases to amaze me with her vocal qualities and imaginative lyrics. Her voice has a delightful innocent quality to it and the backing is never overdone. I had the pleasure to review her last album "Milk Roulette" and was blown away by her use of the English language. This latest CD is no less creative and imaginative.

I cannot think of another singer songwriter that can sing about a "Two Thousand Hour Lightbulb" and turn it into a fabulous piece of music about lost love. Then there is the song "Fly 9th July" a tale about the death of a fly on the date in the title. "There on the window sill I ended his time." She also kissed a man on the same day in 1991 and he left her life too. She blames it all on the Great God of Random. What an imagination!!!

For me however, the track that most resonates with me is "15 Minutes with Danny Kaye." Anyone listening to the radio on Saturday mornings back in the 1950's will recall "Children's Favourites" with Uncle Mac. I still recall Danny's "Ugly Duckling" and "The Emperor's New Clothes." What memories and what times of childhood innocence! Fifteen minutes could change your day. This is a wonderful walk down memory lane. As Charlie sings, "The world is a better place" after listening to Danny!

The title of the album, Dark Matter, is a reference to the study of particle physics and is included in the song "Nothing To Be Scared Of" with its simple piano, cello and base backing. A song which perfectly shows the range of Charlie's vocals. The subjects of science and education are also written about in the opening track "Breakfast of Neutrinos." I have to confess that I know nothing about particle physics but I do love the music.

Writing, recording and performing with the person that she refers to as her honorary brother, Julian Littman, Charlie has produced another album which will keep the listener's attention and take the mind on an extraordinary journey. Beautiful songs, delightfully performed with lyrics that are about as inspirational as it is possible to be. Charlie is a true jewel of the UK's music industry and she should be treasured by all lovers of good music. She will be on tour nationwide from 29th April to the 7th October 2017.

I tweeted Charlie about her inspirations and got a reply from her and then another one from Barbara Dickson who said that "Charlie IS the real deal." That just about sums Charlie up!

Rory Stanbridge