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The Chapin SistersThe Chapin Sisters
Album: Today's Not Yesterday
Label: Lake Bottom
Tracks: 12

Although they released their Everly Brothers tribute album in 2013, it's been six years since there has been any new original material from Abigail and Lily Chapin, daughters of Tom and nieces of Harry. Thankfully, the drought has ended with a particularly fruitful rainy season in the form of the 12-strong collection which, as the cover photo suggests, often finds them very much in a Sweethearts of the Rodeo mood.

Much influenced by their relocation back to New York after a lengthy stint on the West Coast, it opens with Autumn, a number which actually hews to the folksier side of things in a slow sway paced manner that, backed by spared drums and piano, conjures the titular seasonal mood. The first foray into undiluted country comes with Angeleno, a farewell letter to LA which, coated in pedal steel, harks to the cosmic country sounds of Gram Parsons while also hinting a Guthrie influences. Their harmonies come to the fore on the mid-tempo, organ backed Chasing The Rain, a decidedly West Coast sound with a shimmering psychedelic haze, a feel that spills over into "Getaway", Lee Pardini carrying it along on a restrained soulful organ current.

There's hints of Rumours-era Fleetwood Mac on the sun-kissed "Child" with its subtle bluesy guitar groove and Abigail's sultry smooth vocals, but, reaching the mid-way point with Love Come Back, another lazing countrified track featuring Dan Horne's pedal steel, the latter half of the set stays on the Southern California country highway, taking it easy through the dreamy likes of Trees Fall Around, Sleep In and World Is All with their narcotic vocals, showcasing their watertight harmonies on Waiting where Luke Paquin's electric guitar carries the song's glide. They end on a protest note, joined by former-member half-sister Jessica Craven for the organ-backed low key fine minute anthem "We Will Not Stop Singing", a crowd singalong-friendly number they debuted at the People's Climate March and now a fixture in their live shows. As it heads for its big finish, they insist "We will not stop singing till the world can sing along". And not even then, I trust.

Mike Davies