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Catherine MacLellan Catherine MacLellan
Album: Coyote
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 14

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the World and one which my wife and I have visited on many occasions. The scenery always takes my breath away as does this latest album from Canadian born Catherine Maclellan.

I would seem to be on a bit of a Canadian musical journey as this is the third consecutive album that I have reviewed by a Canadian female artiste. Perhaps this is the Joni Michell influence and legacy? All three are different but all have oozed class in bundles.

I reviewed Catherine's previous album, "The Raven's Sun" which I liked on the first listen and I feel the same about "Coyote." Her father Gene is recognised as one of Canada's foremost songwriters so it is not really surprising that Catherine's talent has developed by perhaps listening to and learning from him. He would, I am sure, he would be pleased and proud to see the way her talent has blossomed both as a performer and a songwriter.

Catherine sings her songs about the vagaries of life with a gentle delivery backed by a number of talented musicians whose music perfectly matches the mood of Catherine's lyrics. This is not an album to get you up dancing but it is one that will open your ears to the lyrics with a questioning and appreciative ear.

The use of Fiddle, Cello, Accordion and Bouzouki are all handled with sensitivity and complement Catherine's voice perfectly. The acoustic guitar playing is exemplary as you would expect from this experienced artiste. The backing band never tries to take centre stage and thereby allows Catherine's voice to be the main instrument on show here.

All of the songs have been recorded and produced in Catherine's studio in Prince Edward Island which undoubtedly provides the inspiration and backdrop to many of her lyrics. All of these are delivered with prefect diction and heartfelt passion and compassion. The slow "Out Of Time" seems to personify Catherine's attitude to moving on and making the best of things. It also opens a window into Catherine's talents as a true wordsmith.

This is not an album to listen to in your car whilst driving. Sit down with a drink in front of a big log fire and listen to the words of love and life, and allow your mind to drift away to Canada. A genuinely beautiful album from a very talented lady.

Rory Stanbridge