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Campbell Woods Campbell Woods
Album: Oxford Street
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 8

A hymnal feeling to the opening of this 70's influenced (and sounding) Laurel Canyon style record, it reminds me greatly of The Thrills, one of my favourite bands, a good sign. A delicate record, it is personal, at one point his countrified Paul Simon voice coos about his Mother saying "look after your brother, it's all that I ask", at times it feels like you are prying a little. To be this open, to share so deeply is why it is so very lovely.

A wide open skies of a record, reassuringly made by men in plaid shirts, and facial hair its construction; piano, organ, pedal steel and string embellishments wonderfully compliment his James Taylor style vocals. Woods is clearly a very gifted songwriter.

'Teardrops on the Table', is a beautiful ballad, with Jo Kelly, a revelation, balanced harmonies with just enough weepy steel to twang your heart strings and keep it just this side of over sentimentality. Woozy guitar sends you off to find a tissue to dry your eyes.

The whole package is a joy, the sleeve is smart, and the inlay card is very cool, it will be a great record to listen to on headphones in a darkened room and, you would imagine a joy on heavy vinyl. Woods has a real talent for songs, gentle tunes, warm tones and a familiar lyric. This 8 song intro is nothing short of terrific and a sign of great things to come…….

Rudie Humphrey