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Bronwynne Brent Bronwynne Brent
Album: Undercover
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 13

Bronwynne's Vocal that has that jazzy swooping confidence of Amy Winehouse, the sassy knowing growl of Billie Holiday and a touch of Peggy Lee's Fever. This is modern retro with period keyboard sounds lifted straight from Question Mark and the Mystrians "96 Tears"or early Doors, a step on from the folk psych of earlier albums. At times you can close your eyes to imagine furiously fuggin dancers in striking op art print 60s dresses. "I Know It's Late" with a bitter lyric of compromise is a knowing sharp opener with a superb vocal and great Ska chopped guitar sounds.

"Undercover" and "Someone That I Loved" have a warmer almost alluring vocal and those 60's garage rock keyboard sounds. "Walking Relapse" shimmers with Mikey Post's sinuous rhythm and Memphis Shoals keys that just paint images of the heat. "Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You" has the rhythm and feel of a grimy R n B cover of "Fever", Bronwynne delivers a perfect soulful blues vocal alongside fine guitar and brass. "Raincoat" is a softer acoustic love song with a vocal that is emotional and tender rather than sassy. "If You Go Away" is a tense melancholic Brel love song, Brent marries her Winehouse bite to a Cohen like reflective tenderness. The arrangement has the feeling of a classic Bond theme. "You've Lost Your Way" is a Muscle Shoals Soul classic, with the tight rhythm section, guitar and brass sounding pure Swampers and Fame Studios. "Lost In The Moonlight" has the eerie feel of a jazzy Karen Dalton, again those keyboard sounds and Brent's soulful vocals make this sound like a timely reissue of a 60s lost classic. The band is particularly fine with Skerik's brooding saxophone.

"River Lullaby" has a touch of the acoustic hippy sparkle of Melanie Safka in Bronwynne's wonderful vocal, it truly is an interesting instrument. "I Walked Away" with its dry brass and walking guitar intro mixes Sam Cooke with a more upbeat swirling section and an interesting rhythm. An interesting listen from a singer with an alluring voice, part folk part torch singer with the spirit of the Delta running right through.

Marc Higgins