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Broken Flowers Broken Flowers
Album: So Many Shadows
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 6

It must be over two years since I reviewed Leeds Alt Rockers Broken Flowers debut - sadly it was a 'nearly' record, a band then, shooting close and just missing, falling the wrong side of the post. For this one there is more of the same; but bigger, harder, faster. The singer has power, range, she's Carole Decker and Bonnie Tyler, and at times you wouldn't be surprised to hear it was either on the comeback trail.

As before it's not a bad record, the production and the mastering in Nashville has definitely been worthwhile. It is just a record that somehow doesn't represent it parts, it should be better, the focus is slightly out and you do wonder who its audience is and who they have made it for. I want them, and it, to be as good as they clearly are, next time I suggest going to Nashville, hook up with Neilson Hubbard and make a record that is worthy of your obvious copious talents.

Its solid and workman like, yet I was so hopeful they might be the next big break out success. It's the record of a great mid-afternoon outdoor festival band, rather than, given her amazing voice and some terrific axe work the headline act. 'Anywhere' has a great sing-a-long part, just crying to be done to a many cidered festival crowd - the guitar playing here as throughout is very fine. Bring on a full album, a proper producer to trim the fat and a sharpen the lens on what is a good band.

Rudie Humphrey