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Boo HewerdineBoo Hewerdine
Album: Born
Label: Reveal
Tracks: 5

Boo Hewerdine is described as one of the UK's foremost singer songwriters and is generally acknowledged as an accomplished performer of the highest order by all those that have witnessed one of his gigs.

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing his album, "My Name In The Brackets" which contained a number of songs that he had written for other artists. I confess to having known little about him before but was immediately struck by the quality of his songwriting and the performers that he had cooperated with.

His latest offering is an EP entitled "Born." This is the first EP that I have reviewed for FATEA and I have to say that I was definitely left wanting much more. Here we have an artist that is not only a poetic lyricist, but a singer of subtle quality both writing and singing songs of love and life.

Boo performs on the EP with his son Ben with whom he has also co-written two of the tracks. Ben also plays solo piano on the final track "Farewell" the title of which says it all. A short piano solo not unlike a piano exam piece at Grade 3, enabling pupils of the instrument to perhaps join in!

The opening track " The Year That I Was Born" is a history lesson outlining the main events of the year of Boo's birth, 1961. I had forgotten so many of the events that this was a real walk down memory lane. Like most of his songs, this is not overproduced relying primarily on the quality of the lyrics and the clarity of Boo's voice to carry the song along. One to listen to rather than to get up and dance to!

"Hometown" the second track on the EP has a sound and backing somewhat reminiscent of Gilbert O'Sullivan. I hope Boo is not offended by that comparison but like Boo, Gilbert and co-writer Gordon Mills also wrote some truly beautiful lyrics.

"Swimming In Mercury" continues the theme of a simple backdrop of piano overlaid with a delightful song which at times borders on a traditional ditty and is also the title of his forthcoming album in October 2016. "Bobby Fischer" is a fabulous tribute to arguably the greatest chess player of all time and his last ever match. His farewell! I am not sure that I have ever heard a song about a chess player before other than from the musical "Chess." A very clever and emotive song in which you can feel Bobby's pain!

This EP is a wonderful taster offering from Boo but I wanted so much more than five tracks so I am certainly looking forward to the release of the forthcoming album.

Rory Stanbridge