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Blue Moon MarqueeBlue Moon Marquee
Album: Gypsy Blues
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

This is the third album from Blue Moon Marquee - a jazzy blues duo from Canada.

It comes beautifully packaged with excellent cover art and scores top marks for including a full lyrics sheet.

The duo - A.W. Cardinal (guitar and vocals) and Jasmine Colette (double bass and percussion) - have built up a good following where they are in demand for jazz festivals across Canada. They are just about to embark on a 40-date tour to promote this album.

The first thing that strikes you are the thick, smoky vocals - think of Tom Waits and Howling Wolf - and you'll get the picture.

And while this is not the most refined album there is something to be said for some swing guitar in a simple setting.

Most of the songs are fairly short - Pour Me One is typical - kicking off with some solo jazz guitar that leads into the song. Staccato style lyrics and a jazz solo.

It kind of reminded me of a jazzed-up White Stripes. The vocals are high in the mix and very strident so at times it is difficult to hear Jasmine.

That's not the case on Ain't No Stranger where she takes the lead vocal and shows she can carry a song very well

John Knighton