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BethanLees BethanLees
Album: Ships
Label: Folkstock
Tracks: 4

Always a pleasure to follow trend-setters Folkstock Records in established tradition of finding a good listen. Their latest jewel in the shape of twenty something is Bethan Lees, herself familiar to many during the past two years having worked behind the scenes in stage management on the UK festival circuit. Putting aside prior experience as full time dance teacher the EP "Ships" Bethans' first professional recordings feature Folkstock producer of choice Lauren Deakin Davies.

Bethan with a little help from her friends, Ben Ziehm-Stephen (drums) and Tom Bailey (double bass/cello) open with title song 'Ships' it's siren like wail casts untold peril to sailor who should heed the call. The blues tinged jazz of 'Water And Wine' with a rather fun and perky rhythm providing adept twist of styling revealing depth of maturity in a young song-writer who shares a little about her background.

"I come from a musical family and I've always hung out with creative people. I am surrounded by musicians and have enjoyed living an alternative lifestyle making music with crazy, wonderful people. I started writing and playing my own songs with this group of friends at my local pubs jam sessions and open mics. I've spent a few summers travelling around festivals, jamming with bands and soaking up the vibes which has influenced and inspired my songs. I guess you could say I'm a pretty free spirit".

'Sleep' drifts EP to early close, dressing a spirited listen where you will be found wanting more, No better way to abate the wait than with a cup of tea, silly songs and return of infectious cheeky tempo of 'Post Festival Blues' our character perhaps recounting earlier days.

Tony Wilding