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Ben MaggsBen Maggs
Album: Come As You Are
Label: Bear Paw Records
Tracks: 7

Four year hiatus overhauled on loss of a close friend during 2009 returns Cirencester based Ben Maggs to song-writing. Bleakness providing new songs, three years later enabling pursuit of music full time with ep release "Let In The Light". Journey continued with another dark portent encountered during a stay on the north west coast of Scotland.

"Come As You Are" draws upon these experiences and of life's adventures discovered across the British Isles. Impetus for return further hastened by unforgiving 24 hour downpour, might of nature and weather's intensity retold in 'The Storm'. Scotland at the fore of inspiration on these recordings with the Cuillins, a raw and jagged range of rocky mountains on the Isle of Skye, true setting of love's desire in 'My My My'.

'The Traveller's Song', with it's more traditional scene invites listener to come as you are and share memories of a wandering minstrel in this instance accompanied by three members of the Budapest Cafe Orchestra adding sympathetic acoustic guitar.

Rousing chorus of "All we really want" heard within 'Hearts' will delight many a live audience who alongside listener to CD will also forgive that the album is just seven songs when hearing the shimmering vocal and lush finger picked guitar of 'Winter Moon'. Compelling tales so passionately told, home is where they belong.

Tony Wilding