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Ben AbrahamBen Abraham
Album: Sirens
Label: Secretly Canadian
Tracks: 13

Awestruck, no other way to describe how 'Sirens', title song from Ben Abraham's debut album, affects you. Recently signed to label Secretly Canadian 'Sirens' lands in the UK on March 4th as part of an international release, crowning glory for a decade long journey resulting with original independent availability in Australia since 2014. Journey proving arduous trek for Ben, having early wish to graduate as a film maker, instead spending 7 years writing another 2 recording work that eventually became album "Sirens".

His parents' previous careers as Indonesian folk-pop stars complete with strong harmonies and melodies can be seen as influence throughout the album which kicks off with leading overture all too desperately short, opening call of 'Sirens' lures with no deception a collective of beautiful songs which merit listen as a whole. Recorded with friends, Jono Steer (who was Abraham's live mixer) and percussionist Leigh Fisher with a number of other musicians lending their talents to the album. Gotye helping produce the flawless harmonies on 'Speak', while Sara Bareilles appears on a subject perfectly suited as duet 'This Is On Me' . Both parties seeming taking blame for the end of a relationship.

Love a recurring theme celebrated in differing guises across "Siren's", 'I Belong To You' tale of partner still to meet. Things that so endear attraction between lovers listed on 'She'. A deep commitment heard in 'Somebody's Mother', song about a family rediscovering each other following the loss of a mother. Unashamedly romantic 'Collide' lays naked before you with the heartfelt lyric: "Close my eyes and, like a satellite,/ I'll throw myself at gravity and hope that we collide.

Briefly exploring new subject matter on 'Time' and how it's passing changes us, love revisited in 'Songbird' , having early release on YouTube during the writing process, declares promise in children "You're a songbird and we ain't seen nothing" before closing the album with the captivating finger-picked 'A Quiet Prayer'.

Focus clearly shifted (and track sequence) on the international release, support given with select promotional tour dates (UK receives 6 shows) encounter the seduction "It wasn't meant to be like this" and answer the call.

Tony Wilding