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Backtrack Blues Band Backtrack Blues Band
Album: Way Back Home
Label: Harpo
Tracks: 10

The Backtrack Blues Band were formed in Florida 35 years ago and have gone on to become one of the best-loved blues bands in their area.

And on this evidence they'd be a great rocking band to see live - this is an album packed with unashamed Chicago-blues inspired songs.

There are six original songs and four covers - Sonny Boy Williamson's Your Funeral, My Trial and Checkin' On My Baby are featured here.

This is their fifth CD and sees them in top form. Musically the band is set up with lead vocals and harmonica, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, bass and drums, for this album they've added some fine piano.

The songs drip with guitar and harp and you just can't help tapping your feet to the infectious rhythms.

Their sound is reminiscent of the early electric Muddy Waters, with the harp getting plenty of air and there's lots of tasty Texas-inspired guitar throughout.

The opening track - Goin' to Eleuthera - had me scrambling to find where this place is - it's a small island in the Bahamas - not the most typical of a bluesy destination but this was sizzling hot.

It's a great guitar-infused romp, with piano, bass and drums pumping away, and the harp joining in all the fun.

This is high-octane stuff, Tell Your Daddy, keeps up the high standard with its riffy harp, Shoot My Rooster will have the animal rights folk screaming, and Heavy Built Woman could have come right out of Muddy's repertoire.

If you love bands such as Nine Below Zero or The Stumble - and who doesn't - then this is another great blues band to watch out for.

John Knighton