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Ashton Lane Ashton Lane
Album: Breathe You In
Label: Lime Tree
Tracks: 2

This is the first time that I have ever reviewed a single. Although it contains two tracks, they are both of the same song "Breathe You In" comprising a radio edit version and an acoustic version. I suppose the idea is to whet the appetite of the listener to investigate the band further and then buy the albums. If that is the case, then it works very well.

I first came across this Scottish based and country influenced husband and wife duo on Facebook where they were offering FREE copies of their EPs. I downloaded two of these and was very impressed with both of them in terms of quality production and imaginative music. I also really admired their use of social media for promotion and marketing. It is a method that more artists could use although giving away albums might be counterproductive financially. Giving away singles, yes!

Using social media to its full potential, the duo showcase some of their work in their very own "Kitchen Sessions" which are exactly that. Music played in their kitchen and all free on signing up to their website. Go to the website and look under Videos and listen to "Under The Wonder." This is a really great idea and makes it all sound so personal. I love Esther's spoken voice too!

So how about the music? Think The Shires or Lady Antebellum and you have Ashton Lane. A delightfully balanced duo making a superb Country/Americana brand of music! One critic has called them a force to be reckoned with and that is a pretty good summation.

It is difficult to write too much about a single except to say that this one, "Breathe You In" is very good and provides a superb window into the band and their brand of music. The song is about getting out of your environment into the country and breathing in the air and giving time for thought and contemplation. Not an original idea but, in this case, beautifully put and sung.

Bearing in mind the publicity and exposure that other similar bands have had, there is no reason why Ashton Lane should not receive and enjoy an equal level of success and fame. They are a real class act and certainly one to brighten up even the darkest of days.

Rory Stanbridge