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Annie Raitt & Brigit ForsythAnnie Raitt & Brigit Forsyth
Album: Angel Of The North
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

Since growing up in Edinburgh together, Annie and Brigit have moved apart to live (Cheshire and East Lothian respectively) - hence the title song of their joint album… They've both enjoyed individual careers as actresses, although they started singing together at an Edinburgh Festival in between acting engagements, also embracing concerts with the late Matt McGinn. Many of their subsequent acting projects have involved singing too, and this has informed their combined music-making.

Just one listen to their delicate harmonies and intimate arrangements is enough to convince you of their strong musical bond. Similarly, their songs - all self-penned by Annie - engage with their intimacy and their economy of thought and expression; all but three last less than three minutes, yet pack much into that limited timespan.

The album's lyrics are part of a life's journey, their shared music being part of a life's connection for the two ladies, and the album represents a compilation of recordings of songs written while Brigit was playing cellist Beatrice Harrison (playing Elgar's Cello Concerto) in a stage production.

Two of the ten songs (Butterfly and Angel Of The North) also occur in the form of instrumental versions, gentle and genial interludes within the overall scheme of things. Accompaniments are provided by Annie's guitar and Brigit's cello, with Ian Matheson (piano, percussion) and Roger Walker (guitar) - again, a model of economy and scale entirely befitting the songs themselves. All told, the album is a pleasing and affecting journey in song which reveals much through its understatement.

David Kidman