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Anna Pancaldi Anna Pancaldi
Album: Sweet Charity
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 3

Anna Pancaldi is an artist who has been making waves. Touring extensively in the UK and abroad as a support she has also sold out several headline shows in London at quality venues. Coming from a musical family she was brought up listening to the likes of Carole King and Carly Simon so it no surprise she fits into that niche of thoughtful singer-songwriter.

There have been two EPs so far, 'Dear Joey' and 'Black Tears' which achieved critical acclaim and airplay including Radio 6. Now Anna is about to launch her third EP, 'Sweet Charity'. At only three tracks long it is certainly a mini-EP but serves its purpose in keeping her in the public eye and reminding us of her qualities. Prime amongst these is Anna's fine voice which is deep and rich with a controlled power and real, raw emotion.

This is used to very good effect on the opening track 'Brother'. This is a slow ballad about the loss of separation, that sense of not having somebody there when you need them. The simple piano backing adds to the power of the words and amplifies their effect.

"Brother where have you gone from here?
Just because I'm older doesn't mean I'm any stronger
Without you here."

Incidentally, the cover drawing on the album is based on a picture of Anna and her brother taken when they were younger. You can't get a more personal than that.

Track two is soul song with a full band. The production quality on 'Keep On Keeping On' is very good, keeping Anna's voice very much to the fore. This is another tale about coping and being strong but this time the imagery is of the end of a relationship. Everything in the surroundings is familiar except there's nobody alongside you. You have to get through it and pretend everything is normal because the alternative is to cry. It's a song every listener will be able to relate to.

The final track, 'Stay Right Here', is a love song for a lover yet to arrive. It's full of yearning for that one person who will make it all right. This song allows Anna to explore her higher vocal range and it give the song a lighter, happier feel. It's a very beautiful song, full of hope for the future with its promise of security.

'Sweet Charity' is an impressive EP that should attract even more plaudits and followers for a singer we are going to hear a lot more of.

The album is released on March 20th, 2017 accompanied by a UK tour, details of which are on the website.

Tony Birch