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Angela Perley Angela Perley
Album: 4:30
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Perley started her musical life in a rock band with The Howlin'Moons and those influences can still be heard today on her first solo album. Specialising in character-driven love songs underpinned by theme of self-acceptance, bolstered by co-producer Chris Connor's arpeggiated guitars and Robbie Crowell's organ, she kicks off with the dreamy dirt country pop title track, a reference to her usual bedtime being something of a creative night owl, the lyric dropping in a namecheck for Dylan's 'Tangled Up In Blue' before the musical wham arrives with a tinge of the more immediate side of Patti Smith on 'Let Go' and its driving drums walking beat.

Things get a tad funky for the bluesy swagger 'Back in Town' while those 80 garage and American punk influences bubble through 'Dangerous Love', 'Friends', a Blondie-esque 'Walk With Me' and the chugging 'Ruby Girl' with its infectious radio-friendly chorus.

On the slower side of things, 'He Rides High' has a moody desert flavour with reverb guitars, the slow sway 'Don't Look Back Mary' comes with violin and viola and 'Local Heroes' draws on thoughts of Patsy Cline. Well worth the time.

Mike Davies