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Andy FerrellAndy Ferrell
Album: At Home And In Nashville
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 12

Ferrell has a good ear for a lyric, singing about a kind hearted woman, "with a pistol in her apron and a switchblade in her bra" on the opener that reassures you that this will be a record worth a listen - country shuffle with off kilter lyrics, it's constantly shifting, and making you reshuffle your preconceptions.

The albums best, 'Poor Man's Son', with its banjo undertow and organ swirl is an unabashed joy - great to sound so upbeat and cheery about being so down-at-heel. Ferrell, is canny too, a radio programmers dream, if making himself a little light on the PRS cheque, a better New Year's Eve song you'll never hear. The song, 'Another New Year's Eve', is an anti-celebration, with a mournful accordion, it's the perfect partner to Cam Penner's Balsam Fir, it captures the air of melancholy that pervades this time of year, the enforced jolliment wearing thin.

If you like your country music half empty, or via the bottom of a glass, served with a wistful chaser and a downtrodden olive - Ferrell is your man. If you want an album to set the mood of a late night spent drinking alone - or the sound of the early morning drudge to a job you detest, Ferrell is your man. If you are "floating on high water heading for a low bridge", Ferrell is your man.

A better man to accompany your thoughts of "how did I end up here" you won't find. Everybody feels this way, nobody, and I really do mean, nobody can put it to music as good as Ferrell, own this record, and stop feeling alone.

Rudie Humphrey