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Amanda Abizaid Amanda Abizaid
Album: Walking In Twos (EP)
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 7

While the name may not be familiar, if you watch a certain type of American series then chances are you will have heard Abizaid sing. Best known for the theme to The 4400, she's also been heard on Smallville, One Tree Hill, and Charmed. The model / actress / singer songwriter is originally from Beirut but relocated to the United States when she was 10. Walking In Twos also features the legendary Stephen Stills from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

The EP has a very worthy origin; it was inspired with by her experiences with the Aeta Filipino children, whose voices can be heard on the title track. The goal is to create a self-sufficient revenue stream using proceeds from the downloads and streams to buy school supplies for the Aeta children of the Philippines. So not only do you get to enjoy seven tracks (admittedly two are different versions of the title track), you also get to do so while doing some good.

There's a real mix of songs on the EP, from the anthemic title track with its message of love and understanding, to the fun reggae beats of One Love. Lion's Den has an electronica feel, with some interesting acoustic accompaniments that add up to a nicely chilled out song for a summer's day. Set It Up is a hip hop track, Release Me is a 90s trance throwback that appears to be influenced by Abizaid's roots, and Promises Of Love is full of atmosphere and gorgeous vocals.

Walking In Twos is certainly a varied EP, and while the songs don't always do Abizaid's vocals justice, it's always a fun listen. Well worth checking out.

Adam Jenkins