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Allman Brothers Band Allman Brothers Band
Album: Hell and High Water The Best Of The Arista Years
Label: Floating World
Tracks: 11

The first six tracks are taken from the album Reach For The Sky and kick off with the toe tapping head nodding Hell and High Water. The next track Mystery Woman was the second single to be released from the original album and is another fine track which you can't help tapping your foot or even dare I say popping around the room to.

This is followed up by the instrumental From the Madness Of The West again another fine track which has a a very eighties feel to it with that distinctive guitar sound that we all recognise as beinwg the Allman Brothers. Moving swiftly on we then have I Got A Right To Be Wrong a classic southern rock track in both style and content. Everything we have over the years come to expect from a Southern Rock outfit.

Things keep going at a toe tapping pace with the next offering Angeline, again a song firmly set in the traditions of southern rock. The last track from Reach For The Sky is Famous Last Words again a track firmly set in the south and one which will get you tapping those toes.

The next five tracks are taken from the album Brothers Of The Road and opens up with the title track and is followed by the first single from the album Leavin. A track that just oozes the 80's mixing a Southern Rock style with a slightly more dare I say funky beat. Straight From The Heart is up next and returns to a more classic southern rock feel.

The Judgment keeps the vibe going and is a anthemic song indeed. Classic guitar riffs that distinctive back beat and lyrics make you want to sing along to. The final tack from Brothers Of The Road and the last track of the album as a whole is again another single Never Knew How Much (I Needed You). A classic southern rock Ballard in all its glory.

If like me you are familiar with the early works of the Allman Brothers Band then this is a real delight to listen to. A really good introduction to an era of their back catalogue that perhaps has been over looked. Really should enjoyed listening to these tracks, however tinged with a touch of sadness following the death of Gregg Allman who dead in May. In conclusion a fine completion album of tracks from an period in the band's history of knew nothing about. So go on purchase the album and if like me you lots will be looking for copies of the two albums featured here.

Andy Chamberlain