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Alice DiMicele Alice DiMicele
Album: One With The Tide
Label: Alice Otter
Tracks: 9

Alice DiMicele (pronounced DeeMissEllie) is based in South Oregon USA, although originally from New Jersey. Her music is a blend of folk, jazz and blues fused with her passion for the environment. Alice has always chosen to go her own way, turning down the opportunity to sign with a major label and since then has penned 14 albums and stayed true to her principles along the way. Indeed, there is a page on her website dedicated to her environmental activism.

The title track of this album, is dedicated to the memory of her friend and fellow environmental and social justice activist Barry Snitkin. 'One with the Tide' being the last words she spoke to him.

'Lonely Alone' is blusey and laid back, about being in love with an alcoholic. Whilst this is a little melancholic the next song 'Waiting' raises the temp.

'Voice of the Water' is my favourite track and is a song for the Standing Rock water protectors and the Winemem Wintu Tribe of Southern California who are fighting to restore Salmon to the McCloud River. It urges us all to protect our rivers, clean water supplies being the right of all creatures of the earth.

Alice finishes the album with a version of 'Imagine', a difficult song to carry off well and I was a little apprehensive. However, Alice's wonder voice and simple arrangement make this a winner.

This album blends Americana folk with a little jazz and blues to produce a sound that not only entertains but informs and inspires. I was not aware of Alice DiMicele before hearing this album but I will certainly be looking out for her other albums.

David Hiney