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Adrian & Meredith Adrian & Meredith
Album: More Than A Little
Label: Self Released
Tracks: 11

Adrian and Meredith Krygowski are an East-Nashville-based couple who evidently share a common vision - to bring a rough-house vintage-cum-punk sensibility to the sometimes cosy world of roots Americana. This they do with the aid of a cluster of trusty musos (including producer Mark Robertson, Paul Niehaus, J.D. Wilkes and Fats Kaplin), who between them play pedal steel, tenor banjo, trombone, trumpet, bass, drums and harmonica. That means a full-toned, driving sound to provide a gutsy backbone for the pair's own guitar and fiddle on a range of self-penned compositions. These display influences befitting Adrian and Meredith's individual trajectories prior to getting together - Adrian was raised on rock and punk (his voice is described as "a carnival barker's croon!), whereas Meredith played fiddle and clogged on the old-time circuit.

The intuitively driving, forthright nature of their music together is really infectious, and reflects lyrics that combine the defiant and the smartly critical, the knowing and the carefree, the romantic and the realist. Musically, it's a compelling mix that on paper maybe shouldn't work; an intelligent use of balance and timbre is the key. The brass players inject a cheeky touch of mariachi into the proceedings that at times threatens to launch off into New Orleans, while there's also a keen sense of abandon and a pell-mell devil-may-care feel to stomping clog-hoedown Greasy Coat & Kitchen Girl, the tumbling cornball swing of Fixer (a pointed critique of the entertainment industry) and the thundering twang-ridden Get What She Wants. Old Midwestern Home, on the other hand, rings a neat contrast as a quieter, more reflective disc closer.

There's a great sense of momentum and driven energy about Adrian and Meredith's music, which I hope to see sustained as they develop their vision through another album (as far as I can tell, this is their debut release). Like these guys "more than a little" - in fact a lot!

David Kidman