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A Different Thread A Different Thread
Album: Home From Home
Label: Compass
Tracks: 5

Five songs from this Bristol duo - Robert Jackson (vocals, guitar and harmonica) and Isaac Collier (cello) to launch their debut EP.

Robert has a strong soulful voice and the natural resonance of the Isaac's cello makes for some fascinating arrangements.

The guys met while busking in Bristol and after they teamed up have been making waves and getting lots of radio attention.

So this EP give us the first opportunity to hear what A Different Thread are all about.

The opening track Big Crane kicks off with some simple acoustic guitar before the cello and the drums of Andrew Hughes kick in. The song rolls along very sweetly with some tasty harmonica and guitar breaks.

The feel is instantly recognisable - a heady blend of folk/blues and Americana.

A Wayward Sun features powerful vocals but I have to admit I found the switching of rhythms in mid-song disconcerting. Happy Man is a slower song, featuring some delightful cello underpinning the arrangement. There's more great cello on the next track The Same Cloth and some fine trumpet. The final track Home From Home is also a slower paced song that has lots of depth. Throughout there are excellent vocals and the standard of musicianship is very high.

This is a great introduction to A Different Thread, I'm sure we will be hearing more from them in the future.

John Knighton