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Preview Zoe Wren's EP Gold and Smoke

6 Great Tracks

Zoe Wren's sophomore EP Gold and Smoke secured its first glowing review from FATEA and here's the first opportunity to hear all six tracks from Zoe Wren's EP Gold and Smoke which is coming out on general digital release on 3rd March To mark the occasion Zoe has put together a full band show on the same date, with Lauren Deakin Davies, Zak Lakota Baldwin and Nathanial Chapman joining her to bring the tracks alive at London's The Betsey Trotwood. There are reduced price tickets for under 25s at £5.50 with £7.50 as standard ticket pricing. The evening will be opened by Emma Lohan and her trio. Produced by Lauren Deakin Davies, and released on Folkstock Records. It is available now from Zoe's website (

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