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Listen Up - Tomorrow Bird

A look at some of the emerging artists of the acoustic roots & folk circuit

This week we focus on Berkshire based duo Tomorrow Bird

Simon actually began his musical journey as a classical pianist before becoming the front man of folk-rock band, Burnt Tomorrow. Jen was a former theatre actress turned solo artist when she and Simon co-wrote a children's musical together in 2015... Realising we had met our musical match, we started gigging together shortly after. This collaboration would later lead to the birth of Tomorrow Bird!

Our personal musical influences cover a wide mix of genres and artists - everything from musical theatre to 90s grunge; back to the Beatles and the almighty Streisand... That said, the biggest influence for our Tomorrow Bird 'sound' are artists such as The Civil Wars. Their lyricism, harmonies and innate musicality have a been a huge inspiration for us.

How would you describe your music ?

Our songs are heartfelt, poignant and emotional. We like to explore and convey the human experience through our songs; from the dark night of the soul through to the hopeful light of day. The music itself has roots in English, Irish, Scottish and American folk. And of course harmonies are key to our sound.

What has been your highlight so far?

Our inaugural gig as 'Tomorrow Bird was as the opening act for Jonah Matranga - one of Simon's all time musical heroes! Thanks to a broken down car we very nearly didn't make it that night...but thankfully it turned out to be a magical experience we'll never forget. ( Winning the 2018 GSMC award for Best Duo was also pretty damn amazing though!)

What plans regarding recordings, video, tours etc do you have for the future?

We are currently in the process of recording our debut album - set to launch November 30th 2018. We're also aiming to film our first music video later this year...

Is there anything else you would like to say or any message to our readers ?

Jen has released a charity single - 'Shout at the Dark' - to raise funds for the mental health charity, SANE UK . She also performed two songs for Nintendo's critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles 2 .

Simon returned to his classical roots last year with a piano album, Hope Shines Through. He also hosts a musical instrument and equipment review channel on YouTube - the (modestly titled!) Average Reviews from an Average Guy.

For more details on what we're up to, or to catch a sneak preview of our album, please visit

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