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The Bedford Is Back

The Bedford reopened this week after a £3.5 million upgrade

South London music pub The Bedford has reopened after a £3.5 million upgrade. Famous for hosting early shows from Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Jorja Smith and many other music luminaries, the venue's dramatic transformation includes five bars, a European restaurant and 15 boutique bedrooms. The Bedford's iconic 'Globe Stage' performance space has been restored to the highest standard, now with up to 250 capacity and a 360 degree balcony, an artists green room with full facilities, a bar serving signature drinks and cocktails and a brand new state-of-the-art sound system and lighting rig.

Music will be booked by respected industry veteran Tony Moore, who says: "Small venues are like small airfields. If there is nowhere to learn to fly, we have no pilots for the future. Similarly, if we lose small venues, we close the opportunity for young artists to learn their craft, build an audience and gain experience. The Bedford understand this and have invested heavily to do more and help acts be seen and heard at their very best."

Tony's 'tips' on those performing at The Bedford in the near future, include Morganway on 13th December, a band endorsed by Britain's country music champion 'whispering' Bob Harris. Having supported The Shires, performing to audiences of over 4000, The Globe Stage now welcomes their fiery five part harmonies and distinctive Americana glow.

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