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Listen Up - Tamsin Quin

A look at some of the emerging artists of the acoustic roots & folk circuit

A look at some of the emerging artists of the acoustic roots & folk circuit, this week we focus on singer songwriter Tamsin Quin from Devizes and released her debut album 'Gypsy Blood last year.

How would you describe your music ?

Its hard to put yourself in a box but I think my music is a good mix of folk/country/americana with a good old helping of upbeat songwriting. People liken me to other female singers; 'Oh you sounds like Laura Marling/KT Tuntstall/Sandy Denny' which is all very kind, but really I just want to have my own sound and be known for that - thats the dream! I listen to a-lot of different music but I am developing my own style of songwriting and trying not to be influenced directly by other writers. If people connect with my lyrics, that's what matters most. I'm no Jimmy Hendrix, and I can't sing like Beyonce, I'm realistic, we all have to play to our strengths and thankfully I can string a few good lyrics together and writing is what I enjoy. When people come up to you at the end of a gig and tell you their favourite song and why they like it, or how it made them feel, that's what I am trying to do to every listener. We are all in this weird old life together and if I can connect and relate to people through my songwriting then thats what life is all about.

What has been your highlight so far?

Wow - There are far too many to choose from. Can I have three top highlights?! Number 3: Winning my first music award 'GSMC Best Solo Female'!! I am still blown away that people I did and didn't know voted for me. Its hanging proudly in my studio. Number 2: My 'Gypsy Blood' album launch in May 2018. I had every one that I loved in the same room, all smiling at me, listening to my amazing band bring my album to life. I grinned all night. My jaw ached from smiling. I felt like I had taken the most euphoric drugs in the world but I was completely sober (well... until the after-party!). Number 1: That time I supported The Strawbs. The Strawbs are my dads favourite all time band and I was bought up having impromptu 'music lessons' (AKA my dad making me listen to never-ending Strawbs albums while he explained the concept of song structure and the meaning of the lyrics). I have to say, 15 year old me wasn't that impressed with these lessons, but 27 year old me was proud as pudding watching my dad watching me support The Strawbs. He got the whole band to sign one of my CD's which he now has framed on his wall. #daughterpoints!!

What plans regarding recordings, video, tours etc do you have for the future?

2019 will see a new acoustic, stripped back album followed by a UK tour later in the year. I have lots of new songs ready for the album and its killing me to not share them too soon. I'm really excited about some of these songs! I have some exciting gigs booked in and some summer festivals, but I'm really focussing on trying to get into bigger venues and perhaps supporting some bigger touring acts.

Is there anything else you would like to say or any message to our readers ?

Well this may be cheesy, but I would like to say a massive thank you to anyone who supports original independent acts like myself. When you work independently, every listen, comment, share, album sale, audience member, just means the world and I feel so thankful to be able to do this everyday and thats all down to the proper music fans out there.

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