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Custom Guitar Straps From Paxton & Morris

Musicians love nothing better than a bit of new kit, and there is never any shortage of things to scratch that GAS itch from a shiny new guitar to the latest bit of digital wizardry. Other but no less worthy items may be a little less exciting, despite their importance, but there is no reason why they should not be exciting as well. Items such as the humble guitar strap. Whether you play standing up, sitting down (or something altogether more acrobatic), a good quality guitar strap may be the difference between your beloved guitar staying snugly in place or getting some unwelcome patina when it hits the floor. So it's fair to say that a good strap is an essential bit of kit.

There are usually plenty on offer in your favourite gear emporium, but typically, the choice tends to be limited to plain / boring, manufacturer branded / boring or an eye-bleeding item more suitable for a heavy metal band. When folk musician and crafts enthusiast Maggie Kenny was looking for a strap for her new tenor guitar, she quickly decided that she could make something better and more attractive for a better price.

Maggie's straps are beautiful decorative items in their own right, elevated far above the purely functional. The basis of the straps is a tough webbing backing with an embroidered ribbon design and ends made from upcycled leather offcuts. Every strap is handmade to order so the permutations of length, ribbon design and leather colour are practically unlimited; however, Maggie keeps certain popular choices ready to hand. Maggie can also supply a slip on shoulder pad to spread the weight of heavy instruments and prevent slipping, and matching headstock straps for guitars with a single strap button. After Amy Goddard of the Honeybees recently asked for a soft leather strap to match her existing strap, Maggie has also designed a suede leather strap with the ribbon design applied - using leather recycled from an old sofa. Other commissions have included a heavy-duty Dobro strap for Phil Henry of Edgelarks, while mandolin straps and banjo cradles have also been produced.

Maggie's straps are fast becoming a favourite amongst discerning musicians all over the world. Phil Beer is a repeat customer and other fans of Maggie's work include Kev Dempsey, Hannah Martin & Phil Henry, Richard Shindell, Joe Broughton, Katrina Gilmore & Jamie Roberts, Daria Kulesh and all three of the Honeybees (Amy Goddard, Odette Michell and Zoe Wren who have three matching straps) to name just a few. Maggie can even make a matching collar for your dog or cat!

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