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The Train Kept A-Rollin

How the Train Song Changed the Face of Popular Music

Title:The Train Kept A-Rollin

Author, Journalist and Broadcaster documents nearly two centuries of the rise of arguably the most important invention in modern times through the music and words of the most revered songwriters and musicians during lifetime of the train.

Investigating with a twin passion on how the train song influenced the face of popular music, the resulting tome "The Train Kept A-Rollin" illustrates journey across vast American plains with Johnny Cash and The Doobie Brothers to more familiar Europe terrain in the shape of Chris Difford and Francis Rossi.

Fascinating portrayal of how luminaries including Ian Anderson, Nick Cave, Brian Setzer, Chas McDevitt, Ralph McTell and repeated accounts from Ray Davies reveal the secrets behind songs such as 'Rock Island Line', 'Mystery Train' and just by which name Chester Arthur Burnett more widely known? The interviews and research conducted a frank ride as every song and musician has enlightened story to tell.

Account in the UK, as elsewhere with it's no longer heard clickety-clack source of rhythm for many train song, the rise and fall of steam through diesel and 'Deltics' 1979 single and sophomore album title for Chris Rea. Train stations not remiss although the song 'Waterloo Sunset' by The Kinks which proceeding the demise failed to predict their demise. First mention of Waterloo stretches point until later in the book of Abba's inclusion as part of European rail travel with Trans-Europe Express inspiration for among others David Bowie and Andy McCluskey (Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark).

Stirring adventure and trail across all music genres, equally shared by boys and girls - Peggy Seeger (famously known for the BBC Radio Ballads) among them, all happy to proclaim affinity to trains and train songs. Romance certainly not at end with modern high speed rail with its welded track no longer having echoing throb abated by inclusion of two chapters dedicated to chartering some familiar and some unknown train related songs. Perhaps non more obscure than UK independent artist Jinder who steers new blood with a couple songs on his album "Traditional Dark". The Train Kept A-Rollin, I'll board from the often overlooked stop at Rugby, ticket to ride anyone?

Tony Wilding

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