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There are two things that I would love for Fatea to be able to do, run a full blown gig guide, but that's way too much of an overhead for the team, and support all of the requests for either financially supporting a crowd funder or give publicity to crowd funding initiatives.

Whilst I might personally support some initiatives, Fatea is a not for profit and simply doesn't have the budget to support all the requests that come through the office. We can't support the overhead for publicising them as something else would have to suffer and I really don't believe that you want Fatea to simply provide lists of crowd funding opportunities and requests to support them.

So why am I and Fatea publicising this one and asking you to support it. Fundamentally I have always considered the live scene and the community around that to be the life blood of the music scene. With all the funding cuts not only have we lost venue after venue, but also the places for those music communities to gather to interact to share ideas, we lost the original Sound Lounge, not because it wasn't viable, but because developers wanted the space. This is a chance to sponsor a phoenix.

Singer-songwriter, Hannah White and her musician husband, Keiron Marshall have set out to open a new grassroots music venue dedicated to americana, blues, folk and roots music in the high street of the south London borough of Sutton.

The music venue will be the latest reincarnation of The Sound Lounge which hit headlines in 2017 when music fans of London got behind a crowdfunder to turn a derelict space in the heart of Tooting, in to an inclusive music & arts centre. Time Out Magazine declared it as “good news for London’s live music scene…and hope for London’s music fans”. Indeed it was a thriving hub for music-lovers hosting over 250 bands during their time there.

Since the closure of the Tooting Sound Lounge, Hannah & Keiron have been on the hunt for a permanent space and now they have found one. With plans to create a dedicated venue with a large stage, professional lighting & sound, to install a café, bar & plant-based kitchen and to run workshops for families, young people and training for some of London’s most vulnerable, the pair have launched a crowdfunder to secure the space and kickstart works.

The Sound Lounge is reaching out to the people of London and beyond to make donations big or small to turn this cultural dream in to a reality!

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