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The Sisters Of Elva Hill

Lucy Ward Talks About Her New Folk Ballet

It was one of those moments that happens every now and then. I had heard tales that there was a new folk ballet and that Lucy Ward was somehow involved. I asked her about it when she came down to Dorset to play the Fatea 30th Birthday Bash last November, but apart from confirming that it was happening Lucy didn't want to say too much as things were still happening and she didn't want to jinx it.

Well things have definitely moved on since those dark winter nights and the ballet is all set to come out into the light and in a pretty spectacular way as it's going to be opening this year's Cambridge Folk Festival, it's public premier.

The Henwives production company was put together bring together Lucy Ward and choreographer Deborah Norris, with additional contributions by Helga Ragnarsdottir, Anna Esslemont and Stephen MacLachlan to bring "The Sisters Of Elva Hill" to reality.

Like so much in folk, "The Sisters Of Elva Hill" is based upon a tale that has many names and variations from "The Two Princesses" at the Disney end to Kate Crackernuts at the more prosaic, whatever it's called, the key is that the narrative is strongly connected, just as it's connected to the magic of Elva Hill.

As with any ballet, "The Sisters Of Elva Hill" will come with it's own, illustrated book as well as an album. Just prior to the preview, which if you're reading this on June 2nd is actually today, I managed to catch up with Lucy and with all the ducks line up, she was more than pleased to be able to talk about the whole work in more detail.

Whilst folk operas have become comparatively common, folk ballet seems to be as rare as hen's teeth, particularly ones that involve two sister where the oldest doesn't actually end up killing the youngest. That aside, "The Sisters Of Elva Hill" has the potential to define a genre, click on the link below to hear more.

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