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The Fatea office also serves as a home for our weekly Along The Tracks show on Blues & Roots Radio and as a rule singles and Eps have generally gone in that direction whilst Fatea generally concentrates on albums and live reviews for our full length feature, but with more artists going back down the single root to keep themselves in the public eye, we thought it was time to reflect that in our offerings and as rules are made to be broken or at the very least adapted, welcome to the Singles Round Up. Adam Jenkins.

Reg Meuross - Shine On
Undeniably 2020 has been a year of global turmoil, and few people have been unaffected by the virus. People deal with such times in different ways, and often great art comes from such troubled times. Being one of the greatest songwriters of our times, Reg was inspired to write a song that would both reflect the time we are living through, and provide a glimmer of light in the darkness for us all to cling on to. Safely collaborating with Harbottle & Jonas, Bethany Porter, and Marion Fleetwood, Reg has once more captured the moment and created something truly beautiful from it. Lyrically this is up there with his very best songs, and the warmth and brightness is very welcome right now.

Arielle Silver - Headlights
Multi-hyphenate Arielle Silver (singer-songwriter, literary writer, yoga teacher) is a month away from releasing A Thousand Tiny Torches, and Headlights feels like just the right song to release as the second single from it at the moment. Light, uplifting and unabashedly optimistic in tone, it's the kind of jaunty tune made for sunny days with nowhere to go. As messages go, the idea of taking things one day, or even one moment, at a time feels quite timely. If you're ion the mood for something upbeat, this is the perfect single for you.

Jessica Lynn - Run To
One of country's rising star's, Run To is Jessica Lynn's first single release of the year. Run To is a powerful ballad with a fantastic vocal performer to a singer hailed as the natural successor to Shania Twain. Run To is definitely a radio friendly track with elements of pop and rock fused in with the more familiar country sound. There's a real longing that shines through, in this case the longing of wanting to feel again after heartbreak, but there's no doubt that many will identify with that for other reasons too.

Magnus Josefsson - Huset Bredvid
Huset Bredvid is the latest release from Swedish born, Vienna based songwriter Magnus Josefsson. While I couldn't begin to tell you what it's about as it is not in the English language, it is a wonderfully dreamy experience. The kind of song you can put on in the background and just lie back and allow the music to envelop you. This is a thoroughly warming track, and perfect to listen to when you want to stresses of the day to just drift away.

Taynee Lord and The Crookes - No God Of Mine
Inspired by seeing the legendary Dolly Parton live at the age of 10, Taynee Lord has immersed herself in country music, forming her band in 2018. No God Of Mine charted at no 1 in the iTunes Country Music UK Charts last month, and its easy to see why. There is plenty of grit and venom in this track about a woman who isn't falling for a man who thinks he's God's gift. It's a foot-tapping floor-filling song, with plenty to enjoy here.

Snowapple - Simple Things
Snowapple are a unique band, with members from Netherlands, Mexico, France, Latvia, and Scotland, and combining theatre with pop, folk and even opera. Specialising in quirky philosophical songs and theatre sketches with a socio-cultural slant, needless to say there aren't many bands like them around. Reminding us of the things we take for granted, this is a rich and enchanting track that keeps you enthralled throughout.

SONiA Disappear Fear - Ghost Of The Kangaroo
LGBT singer songwriter Sonia Rutstein is donating part of the proceeds from Ghost Of The Kangaroo to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to help fight climate change. The song came about from her recent tour of Australia where she witnessed the wildfires first hand, seeing the destruction they caused to the country, and people coming together in the adversity. While the song is upbeat in tone and somewhat jaunty, there is a clearly a vitriolic anger lurking under the surface that gives this a nice edge. It's a strong track for a good cause, and well worth purchasing.

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