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45 And Beyond

The Fatea office also serves as a home for our weekly Along The Tracks show on Blues & Roots Radio and as a rule singles and Eps have generally gone in that direction whilst Fatea generally concentrates on albums and live reviews for our full length feature, but with more artists going back down the single root to keep themselves in the public eye, we thought it was time to reflect that in our offerings and as rules are made to be broken or at the very least adapted, welcome to the Singles Round Up.

John Jenkins & The James Street Band - Looking For That American Dream
The latest single from John Jenkins and his band is a nice piece of Americana, as you'd expect from the title. There's a touch of Springsteen to the track, with a little Elvis Costello thrown in as well. The single is full of yearning, with a vocal rich in nostalgic hunger. The harmonica of David Nixon gives this one added depth too. Well worth checking out.

Tenille Townes - White Horse
Canadian country singer Tenille Townes follow up to last year's Somebody's Daughter is a real foot-tapper of a track. Debuting on Bob Harris' BBC2 Country Show, White Horse is about how love can be unexpected, and look a little different to the fairy tale idea of what love should be. This is full of energy, and it's easy to see why Townes is being talked up as one of the next big things in Country music.

Her Crooked Heart - Courthouse
Courthouse is the first release since the wonderful EP To Gentlemen in 2017, and it's a wonderful journey of a track. Everything feels of a purpose, with vocals and music accompaniment assembled expertly to produce a track that can't help but draw you in. It is full of vulnerability and trepidation, but with a core of determination. Rachel Reis' vocal performance is stunning, and Courthouse is the perfect appetiser for To Love To Leave To Live which comes out at the end of the month.

The Jasmine Minks - Step By Step / Gravity
The first band signed to the Creation label, The Jasmine Minks are back with a new single, their first for almost a decade. With much the original lineup, it's a real pleasure to have them releasing new music, and both songs are worth the wait. Step By Step is the kind of upbeat crowd-friendly indie track that demands attention, while Gravity has a bit more grit to the recording, with a soaring chorus. Released by A Turntable Friend Records, this is a welcome return indeed.

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