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The Same Water

A short film capturing progressive folk artist Katie Spencer through live performance and interview

The film presents a series of live songs by Katie recorded in various locations, including a live session recorded by Warren Records. The live songs are tied together by a series of interviews with Katie - conducted by filmmaker Patrick Mateer - which delve into Katie's inspirations and the meaning behind her storytelling and songwriting.
The film was made with the intention of appealing to those who did not already know Katie's work as well those that did. The film looks at what it is to be a young artist in today's music world and is a portrait of an artist who despite her obvious talent, lacks any hubris or ego - instead having a real drive to create music for the love of music rather than fast success, which I found so refreshing in today's music industry.
Patrick Mateer

Filmed and directed by Patrick Mateer, the short film highlights my roots - encapsulating where the music begins. Live performances are interspersed with intimate interviews and beautiful scenes of Hull and the East Riding.
Katie Spencer

About Katie Spencer

"KatieSpencer creates modern folk music which owes as much to the East Riding as it does to the American greats, with her striking vocals and adept songwriting backed by evocative and complex acoustic guitar. Indeed, recent demo 'Warehouse One' boasts a formidable atmosphere ... to create a Western soundscape of which Ry Cooder would be proud." This was part of John Doyle's reaction to Katie's most recent release of "The Same Water", a Short Film.

Katie Spencer is a progressive-folk singer songwriter and guitarist inspired by the people and her surroundings in the Yorkshire countryside. Enjoying music from a young age has developed her ever-evolving and infinite musical tastes and influences, including John Martyn, Roy Harper and Laura Marling.

During the summer of 2016 Katie made lots of memories, exploring the UK and playing festivals such as: Musicport Festival, Derby Folk Festival, Folk On The Farm, Topic Folk Club, The John Martyn Gathering and Willowman Festival.

"Favourite is singer songwriter Katie Spencer … the best lyrics I've heard in years." Ian Pickles, Louder Than War (at Beverley Folk Festival) For more information

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The Same Water

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