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Listen Up - Odette Michell

A look at some of the emerging artists of the acoustic roots & folk circuit

Hertfordshire based Odette Michell released her debut EP 'By Way of Night', in April 2018 which marks a new and exciting chapter; with folk/country underpinnings and a trademark vocal style, Odette's new EP heralds a fine contribution to the rich acoustic tradition that the songs themselves emerged from.

~  What are your musical influences and how did you get into playing music?

My biggest musical influence from an early age was my mother, she taught me the basics on the piano as a youngster and gave me her old guitar when I was fifteen. One of my earliest memories was falling asleep underneath the piano whilst she played beautiful music! Aside from that, as a teenager, I was heavily influenced by Dylan, Fairport and newer bands like The Levellers and the Afro Celts, which I couldn't get enough of - I guess it seems I had a propensity towards folk and roots music from quite an early age!

~  How would you describe your music ?

I would call it Folk with a tinge of Country. I've been told my style sits somewhere between Sandy Denny and Joni Mitchell with a detour into Lucinda Williams territory.

~  What has been your highlight so far?

I have a few, one of them was playing at the Cambridge Folk Festival and meeting Joan Baez as I came off stage. I was very young at the time and so I didn't actually know who she was when she came up to me. I thought she was a friend of my mums, as she was so familiar looking. She shook my hand and complimented my music then walked straight on stage to rapturous applause. I've been telling people I "supported" Joan Baez ever since!

~  What plans regarding recordings, video, tours etc do you have for the future?

I've just released my debut EP, 'By Way Of Night' earlier this summer, so to keep things moving along I'm back in the studio again now, this time to record an album - which has been my ambition really since day one. I'm working with the acclaimed producer Stu Hanna from folk duo Megson. I can't say too much but I'm super excited with how it's sounding. There will be a video single release later on this year, ahead of the album release which will be early next year, 2019.

~  Is there anything else you would like to say or any message to our readers ?

I would like to say thank you for being the listeners and supporters that make music making so fun and exciting to be a part of.

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